"You Smell Barn"

the latest show from Church Basement Ladies

BURNSVILLE, MN – April 2, 2018 – The beloved Church Basement Ladies are back and getting busy with life outside the kitchen. Introducing “Church Basement Ladies: You Smell Barn,” the seventh installment in the popular Church Basement Ladies series. The new show finally answers the burning question: What do Church Basement Ladies do when they’re not in the basement? “You Smell Barn” opens September 12, 2018 and runs through February 14, 2019, in a new location – the Ames Center Black Box Theatre in Burnsville, MN.

After the last of the hot dish is served, the coffee pot is emptied, and the JELL-O molds are put away, the steadfast, sturdy Church Basement Ladies head home to their farms, peel off their good girdles and get on with their daily chores. With plenty of crazy antics, loads of fresh laughs, and spanking new original songs, “Church Basement Ladies: You Smell Barn” celebrates rural life in the 1950s and introduces the other lovable folks who inhabit the rural community: Earl, who delivers the mail up and down Rural Route One; Fergus, the hired man; and Tillie, who chronicles the action for the Fish County Weekly

"Rise Up, O Men"

Men in the Parish Basement? What’s a church lady to do?

“Rise Up O Men” gives the gents a chance to shine in the latest installment of the Church Basement Ladies musical comedy series. As the church prepares for participation in the town’s 1964 Centennial Celebration, we get to see their coming and goings from the eyes of the menfolk, who have their own problems to solve.

Karin’s husband Elroy, farmer Carl, and Great War vet Arlo are joined in brotherhood by series staple Pastor E.L. Gunderson. Their camaraderie unites them as they deal with furnace salesmen, looming retirement, rival Protestant denominations, the Pastor’s bad jokes, and Arlene’s even-worse cooking.

"The Last (Potluck) Supper"

In the fifth installment, The Last (Potluck) Supper, the year is 1979 and past parishioners have gathered to share hotdish, bars, and stories from the last 100 years. As the women work in the kitchen, shared memories burst into life through a series of flashbacks and the ladies manage to serve up a rib-tickling panorama of the changes in the kitchen, without spilling a drop of coffee!

Church Basement Ladies uses the renowned Scandinavian Lutheran humor writings of “The Lutheran Ladies,” Janet Martin and Suzann Nelson, authors of a host of humorous books, the most famous being Growing Up Lutheran. The script is by Jessica Zuehlke and Jim Stowell with music and lyrics by composer Drew Jansen, who gave us the music for the popular long-running hit musical, How To Talk Minnesotan, The Musical.

A Four-Pack of Hilarity

"Church Basement Ladies" is a Box Office Hit... The Success Story:

Played for 9 years with gross sales over $13,000,000 and over 400,000 tickets sold. 56% of sales were to bus groups!

Played for 11 weeks in 700 seat theatre with a gross of $2,200,000.

Played 3 weeks in 1,100 seat theatre with a gross of $495,000. Opened with $138,000 in group sales.

Played one week with a gross of $224,000.